Water Softener Alternative

Hard Water Solution

Water Softener Alternative Benefits

water is life water filtration systems

Hard Water Solution For Your Whole Home

Water Softener Alternative

Clothes protection

Keeps clothes looking new. Washing clothes in hard water breaks down the fibers more quickly.

Water Softener Alternative

Skin & Hair

Makes your skin, nails, and hair look and feel amazing. 

Water Softener Alternative

Less cleaning

Reduces housework. Eliminates the need to scrub away limescale buildup on showers, sinks, and dishes.

Water Softener Alternative

Energy Efficiency

Saves money on energy from overworked water heaters with limescale buildup. Just a 1/16 inch layer of scale buildup can reduce efficiency by 12%, which means a 12% increase in energy spent.

Water Softener Alternative

less corrosion

Reduces the limescale buildup so your plumbing stays clean and free of corrosion.

Water Softener Alternative

Works Fast

REVERSCALE takes only 5 seconds to remove mineral content  that causes buildup. 

Water Softener Alternative


Able to isolate water hardness to eliminate it more effectively.

Water Softener Alternative

Cleaner Dishes

Save as much as 50% soap usage. Soft water makes soap and detergent lather easier and allows for less to be used.

Water Softener Alternative

Cuts on Energy Bills

No hard water means improved heat transfer and water flow. 

Water Softener Alternative Systems

water is life water filtration systems

Our water softener alternative is certified by the WQA and the NSF/ANSI


water is life water filtration systems
  • Uses Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) to clump minerals into harmless crystals that won't destroy your plumbing while still providing you with the nutrients your body needs
  • Keeps the healthy minerals in your water 
  • Chemical free
  • Maintains clean pipes
  • Give appliances a longer life span


Smart & elegant display for your in-home system


Backwashes dead bacteria


Provides sturdy protection to entire unit


Fights against limescale buildup


Eliminates chlorine and chloramines

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

Filters out minerals

What's Your Next Step?

Find out what's in your water before you choose a filtration system. You should know what the problems are to efficiently address them. Contact us for your free in-home water test.


Before & After Hard Water Solution

water is life water filtration systems

Need Answers about Hard Water Solutions?

Limescale No Limescale

Frequently Asked Questions

water is life water filtration systems

You ask about our water softener alternative. We answer.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is caused by mineral ions, typically calcium and magnesium.  Though there are great health benefits to calcium and magnesium alike, including decreasing the chance of heart disease, hard water takes a toll on the pipes in your house in the form of scale buildup and can cause expensive problems.

How do I know if I have hard water?

If you live in Southern California, odds are you do. San Diego has the 9th worst water in the country and has very high levels of water hardness. An easy way to know for sure is to have your water tested. We offer a free water test, feel free to contact us!

What is the mineral that causes limescale?

That would be calcium carbonate. And yes, calcium is important for your health, but it wreaks havoc on pipes, clothes, and dishes. The best part about REVERSCALE is that it clumps the dissolved calcium carbonate together so it can’t stick to anything but still is present in the water so you can get the health benefits from it.

Why should I buy a whole home water filtration system instead of a salt water softener?

Well, simply because they are illegal in over 25 communities in California. Water softeners use salt to counteract the mineral content and causes an increase in sodium in drinking water. This increase can lead to many health problems.

Can I get rid of buildup that’s already in my plumbing?

Yes! Because the water flowing through the pipes is lime free it will pick up the lime and clean the pipes instead of depositing it.

Why is San Diego water so high in mineral content?

San Diego water comes all the way from the Colorado River. That means it has lots of traveling time before it can get to your pipes and it picks up a lot of minerals on the way there.

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