Commercial Water Filtration System

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water is life water filtration systems

Our industrial, high-volume water treatment systems are fully customizable to your specific application and designed to efficiently filter or treat unwanted contaminants.

Commercial water filtration system

Office building

Have you installed a water dispenser for your collaborators? A coffee machine? Stop spending on water tanks and offer everyone clean tasting water, fresh or in hot beverages?

Commercial water filtration system


You use a lot of water in your restaurant: washing, cooking, boiling, for pitchers, for hot or cold beverages. Give your patrons peace of mind and contribute to keeping them healthy.

Commercial water filtration system


Think of your guests bathing and showering. Your kitchen using so much water. Your spa offering facials and body treatments. SoCal water is one of the worst. Do you treat water? Why not?

Commercial water filtration system

car wash

Your livelihood depends on your equipment functioning smoothly. You cannot afford expensive repairs or replacement when your arches get clogged by buildup.

Commercial water filtration system


Clean water protects your equipments and machines, and ensures that no contaminant or limescale makes it in the product or part you manufacture.

Commercial water filtration system


Labs need pure water for a variety of operations, so you are filtering, or using bottled water, which is expensive. Is your filter efficient enough? Cost effective enough? Complete enough? Choose the perfect water purifying technology.

Commercial water filtration system


One water filtration system doe not fill all industries. Make sure you choose the right technology based on your needs and concerns.

Commercial Water Filtration System Products

water is life water filtration systems

Our commercial water filtration system is certified by the WQA and the NSF/ANSI

Benefits of Commercial Water Filtration

valuable cost savings

superior taste & Clarity

Turbidity Reduction

Green & Sustainable

Extend equipment life 

Water Softener Alternative

Commercial Water Filtration Applications

Improve boiler water treatment

Reduce Particulate Matter




What's Your Next Step?

Find out what's in your water before you choose an industrial water filter. You should know what the problems are to effectively address them. Contact us for a free in-home water test.


Reverscale Technology In Action

water is life water filtration systems


Commercial water filtration system

From tablets to pencil-thin mobile devices, science has made our daily life easier than ever.

But why stop there?

Make technology work for your business too. Find out how REVERSCALE technology is revolutionizing the way businesses approach water filtration.

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water is life water filtration systems

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